Honey creek lodge iowa

How far is Lake Rathbun from Des Moines?

85 miles

When did Honey Creek Open?


Where is Rathbun?


Is Honey Creek Resort pet friendly?

Pet dogs are welcome in a limited number of guest rooms, cottages and RV campsites. We allow a maximum of 2 dogs up to 80 pounds per room/cottage/RV site. When making a reservation, please request a pet unit.

How big is Lake Rathbun?

32.81 mi²

What kind of fish are in Lake Rathbun?

Flathead catfish White bass Channel catfish Walleye Largemouth bass

Who owns Honey Creek Resort?

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Is Rathbun Lake open?

Winter Operational Update: Honey Creek Resort and Rathbun Lakeshore Grille have moved to seasonal operations. We are currently open Thursday to Sunday, and will be temporarily closing for the season beginning December 13, 2020. Masks or other face coverings are recommended to be worn inside all public buildings.

When was Rathbun Lake built?

Authorized by the River and Harbor Flood Control Act of 1954, Rathbun Dam construction began in 1964. The dam was completed in 1969 with multi-purpose operation beginning in October 1970.

Is Rathbun Lake man made?

One of the largest lakes in the state of Iowa, Rathbun Lake is located in Appanoose County and is a perfect place to enjoy water sports, fishing, and outdoor activities of all kinds. This beautiful lake in south-central Iowa has not always existed, though; it is a man – made reservoir, constructed in

How many acres is Rathbun Lake?

11,000 acres

What county is Moravia Iowa?

Appanoose County

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