Epilepsy foundation of iowa

Is the Epilepsy Foundation legitimate?

Largest National Epilepsy Advocacy Organization Recognized for Strong Financial Management and Transparency. LANDOVER, Md. – The Epilepsy Foundation today announced it has earned 4 out of 4 stars from Charity Navigator for its strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

What should you avoid if you have epilepsy?

Avoiding these triggers can help you avoid seizures and live better with epilepsy : Missing medication doses. Heavy alcohol use. Cocaine, ecstasy, or other illegal drugs. Lack of sleep. Other medicines that interfere with seizure medications.

Which famous person has epilepsy?

1. Lil Wayne. Rap superstar Lil Wayne recently came clean about the condition he has dealt with for much of his life. In 2013, he was hospitalized when he had a series of seizures .

Can you live a long life with epilepsy?

Most people with epilepsy live a full life . However, the risk of early death is higher for some. We know that the best possible seizure control and living safely can reduce the risk of epilepsy -related death.

Is epilepsy classed as a disability?

Epilepsy is a physical, long-term condition and people with epilepsy are protected under the Equality Act, even if their seizures are controlled or if they don’t consider themselves to be ‘ disabled ‘.

What does the Epilepsy Foundation do?

The Foundation works to prevent, control, and cure epilepsy through community services; public education; federal and local advocacy; and supporting research into new treatments and therapies. The Foundation works to ensure that people with seizures have the opportunity to live their lives to their fullest potential.

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What are the 3 main phases of a seizure?

Seizures take on many different forms and have a beginning (prodrome and aura), middle (ictal) and end (post-ictal) stage .

Is it OK to sleep after a seizure?

Some people recover quickly from a tonic clonic seizure but often they will be very tired, want to sleep and may not feel back to normal for several hours or sometimes days. Most people’s seizures will stop on their own and the person will not need any medical help.

Can epilepsy go away?

It isn’t common for epilepsy to go away on its own. Long-term, recurring seizures usually can be controlled with treatment, which often includes taking medication. About 70 percent of people with epilepsy can control their seizures with medications or surgery.

Can we marry a epilepsy person?

There is no reason why an epileptic person cannot get married and have children and lead a normal life. However, correct diagnosis is required as there are several kinds of epileptic seizures . Proper medication and precautions need to be taken though.

How much sleep do epileptics need?

Get Enough Sleep There is a significant relationship between sleep deprivation and seizures in people with epilepsy . While individual sleep needs vary, the recommended amount of sleep for children is 10 to 12 hours per day, for teenagers 9 to 10 hours, and for adults 7 to 8 hours.

What triggers epilepsy?

Triggers are situations that can bring on a seizure in some people with epilepsy . Some people’s seizures are brought on by certain situations. Triggers can differ from person to person, but common triggers include tiredness and lack of sleep, stress, alcohol, and not taking medication.

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Does epilepsy worsen with age?

Factors affecting prognosis Age : Adults over the age of 60 may experience an increased risk for epileptic seizures , as well as related complications. Family history: Epilepsy is often genetic. If you have a family member who experienced epilepsy -related complications, then your own risk may be higher.

What are the 3 types of seizures?

Types of Generalized-Onset Seizures Absence Seizures (“Petit Mal Seizures ”) Myoclonic seizures . Tonic and Atonic Seizures (“Drop Attacks”) Tonic, Clonic and Tonic-Clonic (Formerly called Grand Mal) Seizures .

Do epileptics die younger?

Of the people with epilepsy , 8.8% died prematurely, compared with just 0.7% in others. After taking social and demographic factors into account, the researchers estimated that people with epilepsy were 11 times more likely to die prematurely compared with people who did not have epilepsy .

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