Anytime fitness newton iowa

How much does Anytime Fitness cost per month?

Costs vary by location and membership type, but most Anytime Fitness prices hover around $36.50 per month. Some locations charge as little as $30 per month, while others charge as much as $44 for a single monthly membership (or $39 per month when you sign on for a year).

Can you suspend Anytime Fitness membership?

Putting Your Membership On Hold: In any 12 month period you can usually ‘ freeze ‘ your Agreement twice for up to 3 months for both periods combined. If we agree, you may freeze your Agreement more than this time for travel, medical or hardship reasons but must give us proof.

How do I get my Anytime Fitness fob?

If you’ve lost your key, make sure to call your club and a staff member will help you get a replacement key fob .

How much is the gym membership at Anytime Fitness Philippines?

Anytime Fitness Philippines Rates P2,000.00 monthly for first 100 members of the opening branch; and increments on P100. 00 for succeeding hundred members until it reaches P2,500.00, which is the usual standard monthly rate. So if you’re their 333rd member , your monthly fees will fall at P2,200.00.

What is the cheapest gym to join?

Five most affordable gym memberships Planet Fitness . Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym for people who don’t like gyms, with ads referring to every Planet Fitness location as a “Judgement Free Zone.” Cardinal Fitness . Your Local YMCA . Gold’s Gym . LA Fitness .

How much is Anytime Fitness a week?

Gym Number of gyms Cost
Goodlife Health Clubs 85 From $15.29 p/w
Anytime Fitness 500+ $16.98 p/w
Fitness First 61 $48 per fortnight
Jetts 250+ $16.95 p/w
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Can someone else use my Anytime Fitness key?

Key Policy Rules: Never permit someone else to use your key . Do not allow someone to “tailgate” you into the gym . Guests may not accompany you through the member door without their own active key . If you want to bring a guest, please have them come to the office during posted staffed hours.

Is Anytime Fitness charging during Covid 19?

Anytime Fitness While clubs are closed, memberships have been frozen, meaning no customer should be charged during the coronavirus crisis. Local clubs will contact members when owners decide to reopen.

How much does it cost to cancel Anytime Fitness membership?

RIGHT TO CANCEL AFTER 14 DAYS: If you decide you want to cancel this agreement after the 14th day on which you signed the Agreement, you may do so by providing a written 30 day notice of intent to cancel by notifying the club and filling out the club cancellation form in writing mailed or delivered to the club at the

How much is Anytime Fitness annual fee?

Anytime Fitness Prices

Item Price
Yearly Membership
One Person
Initiation Fee (One Person) (Yearly) $49.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Yearly) $407.99

Is Anytime Fitness a good gym?

Anytime Fitness is a reasonably priced gym with exceptional convenience and a pretty good selection of equipment and group fitness classes. Each franchise is run by different management, but in general, people tend to be happy with the staff at Anytime .

How much does a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness cost?

Gym Personal Trainer Rates

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Gym Monthly Membership Per Hour Session
Anytime Fitness $25 – $40 $35+
YMCA $50 – $70 $30 – $50
24 Hour Fitness $40 $80
Equinox $166+ $110

Can I use my Anytime Fitness membership anywhere in the world?

After 30 days of membership , you are eligible to access any of our thousands of gyms worldwide. We recommend that you verify with your home gym that your anywhere access has been activated before visiting another gym .

Does Anytime Fitness provide towels?

Anytime Fitness (Burpengary) No Towel , No Workout !! EVERY time you train as it’s not fair to other members having to workout in your sweat! Also you MUST wipe over used equipment with wipes provided . Thanks Anytime Fitness Team!

What is key fob in Anytime Fitness?

A single keyfob gives you. infinite access to your healthier. place. After at least one month. at your home gym , you can.

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