Spirit lake iowa county

Where is Spirit Lake located?

Washington state

What county is Okoboji IA in?


Why is Spirit Lake called Spirit Lake?

The glacier-dug chain of lakes is well known for its beauty and recreational opportunities. The city takes its name from the Dakota Sioux who referred to the large lake to the north as “Minnewaukon” or “ Lake of the Spirit .”

How many acres is Spirit Lake Iowa?

5,684 acres

What president died on Mt St Helens?

Harry R. Truman

What happened at Spirit Lake?

The water in Spirit Lake was completely displaced by the avalanche and heated to body temperature. Blast felled trees were swept into Spirit Lake as water displaced by the landslide receded. Widespread oxygen depletion occurred as bacterial populations responded to increased nutrient levels.

What town is Lake Okoboji in?

Okoboji West Okoboji Arnolds Park Wahpeton

How far is Lake Okoboji from Omaha?

154 miles

How far is Okoboji from Sioux City?

89 miles

Can you swim in Spirit Lake?

No fishing or swimming is allowed at Spirit Lake .

Is Spirit Lake man made?

At 5,684 acres, Spirit Lake is Iowa’s largest natural lake .

Is Spirit Lake connected to Okoboji?

At its Northern end Upper Gar Lake connects to East Lake Okoboji at the Hinshaw Bridge (near Trigg’s Resort) and at the Southern end it connects to Lake Minnewashta at the Sawmill Bridge. Lake Maps, Sizes & Depths.

Lake Miles of Shoreline Acres
Spirit Lake 15.33 5,684
Upper Gar 1.40 37
Lower Gar 4.90 273
Minnewashta 2.30 126
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How deep is Clearlake Iowa?


What kind of fish are in Spirit Lake Iowa?

Popular Fish Species at this Lake Bigmouth Buffalo . Black Bullhead . Black Crappie. Bluegill. Channel Catfish . Common Carp . Freshwater Drum. Green Sunfish.

What is there to do in Okoboji this weekend?

Things to Do in Okoboji Okoboji Classic Cars. 90 reviews. Museums. Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum. 94 reviews. Concerts & Shows. Okoboji Summer Theatre. 38 reviews. Nature & Parks. Dickinson County Nature Center. 4 reviews. Ranch Okoboji . 33 reviews. Preservation Plaza. 9 reviews. Higgins Museum of National Banknotes. 13 reviews. Kenue Park. 1 review.

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