Iowa state wrestling coach

Who is Iowa State’s wrestling coach?

Kevin Dresser

How many national championships has Iowa State won?


Where did Chris Bono wrestling in college?

Bono left SDSU with a 64-41 overall record, a total of 24 NCAA qualifiers, five All-Americans and one national champion. A four-time NCAA qualifier and three-time All-American for Iowa State, Bono ranks fifth in ISU history with 130 career wins and was the 150-pound NCAA champion as a junior.

How many national championships does Iowa wrestling have?

23 national championships

Who is Iowa State’s biggest rival?

The Iowa–Iowa State rivalry is an American college rivalry between the Iowa Hawkeyes sports teams of the University of Iowa and the Iowa State Cyclones sports teams of Iowa State University.

Has Iowa ever won the Rose Bowl?

Iowa convincingly won the 1959 Rose Bowl , 38–12, setting or tying six Rose Bowl records.

Why is Iowa The Hawkeyes?

The Hawkeyes and Herky Some people believe that a Burlington judge, David Rorer, suggested the nickname based on a character in The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. The name also got support from James G. Edwards of Fort Madison.

How old is Chris Bono?

46 years (February 13, 1974)

What state has the most NCAA wrestling champions?

Oklahoma State Cowboys

Which state has the best wrestling?


Who is #1 college wrestling?


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