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How do I find an inmate in Iowa?

To locate inmates in any of the Iowa State correctional facilities, interested persons may use the Offender Search Tool available on the Department of Corrections website.

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Iowa?

How to find someone in Iowa Department of Corrections ( IA DOC) : STEP 1: Go to to start a search for your inmate First Click “Search Now” and enter your inmate’s facility name. STEP 2: Make sure to check if your inmate’s facility is county, state, or federal.

What does it mean when you can’t find an inmate?

If you search through the state database and cannot find the inmate it is possible that the inmate is in either a Federal facility or they could be in a jail that is not included in the state databases. You will need to know the name the inmate was arrested, or committed to an institution under.

How accurate is VINELink?

Vinelink is not completely accurate all the time. The most accurate site would be the DOC site if he is being held in State prison or the local county jail if he is held in local jail. Crime victims can also call the jail directly where the inmate is housed to receive completely updated information.

What prisons are in Iowa?

Facilities Anamosa State Penitentiary – Anamosa. Clarinda Correctional Facility – Clarinda. Fort Dodge Correctional Facility – Fort Dodge. Iowa Correctional Institution for Women – Mitchellville. Iowa Medical and Classification Center – Oakdale. Iowa State Penitentiary – Fort Madison.

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What is a Class C felony in Iowa?

Class “ C ” Felony Class “ C ” felonies are punishable by a prison term of up to ten years and a fine of $1,000 to $10,000. ( Iowa Code § 902.9.) For example, assaults that are intended to and do cause serious injury are punishable as class “ C ” felonies .

What does TDD SDD mean?

Tentative Discharge Date

What does holds GPS mean in jail?

General Population Segregation

What is a serious misdemeanor in Iowa?

Serious Misdemeanors in Iowa . Serious misdemeanors are crimes that you should not take lightly when charged. The fines can range from $315-$1,875 and a jail time for up to a year. They also lead to having a tough time getting employed.

How do I find mugshots for free?

Where Can I Find Mugshots Online for Free ? looking up the individual by name on; find the website for the police department or sheriff’s office where the individual lives or was arrested. seek out local online newspaper accounts of the individual’s crime;

What app tells you who is in jail?

JailBase provides arrest information to the public. Browse recent arrests, use our jail inmate search or view county mugshots all in one place. You can search for arrested persons you might know, and even get notified if someone you know gets arrested.

How long does it take for an inmate to show up in the system?

The rule of thumb is two hours for intake, two hours for release.

How can I be notified when someone gets out of jail?

By calling the VINE number or registering on line, a victim can determine the custody status of the offender and register to be notified of the release or transfer of the specific inmate. VINE is a statewide program which provides access to information and notification of inmate releases and transfers.

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