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How much does it cost to get a haircut at Great Clips?

Great Clips Price List

Service Price
Haircut (adult) $15
Haircut (child) $13
Haircut (senior) $13

How do I make an appt with great clips?

It’s easy —just open the app , click on the check-in button, and the salons nearest your current location will appear. Touch the salon location that that works best for you, tell us your name, phone number, and how many people are in your group.

Who is the owner of Great Clips?

Great Clips, Inc. was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota by founders David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon in 1982, a time when most people received haircuts in one of three ways: in full-service hair salons, from barbershops or at home. As a stylist and businessman, David could see that the industry was changing.

Are great clips individually owned?

Great Clips has grown to become the world’s largest hair salon franchise brand by providing quality haircuts, at an affordable price, to the entire family in convenient locations. We are a single brand, privately owned , and all Great Clips salons are owned by franchisees- we have zero corporate locations!

Does Great Clips have 6.99 haircuts?

All participating Middle Tennessee Great Clip stores offer the $6.99 haircut deal. Keep checking to your local Great Clips to see if they are participating!

How much do you tip for a $15 haircut?

If you want to be fair then tip anywhere from 15 to 20% which at 15 dollars will be 2.25 to 3 extra dollars. This is just for a standard haircut , if a shampoo or actual styling is included then keep that in mind with an extra tip with an additional dollar per each additional service.

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Is Supercuts or Great Clips better?

Supercuts has the greatest number of styling products and the most hair-care information available, while Great Clips offers more locations and bargains.

How much does Great Clips pay per hour?

Great Clips , Inc. pays its employees an average of $9.93 an hour . Hourly pay at Great Clips , Inc. ranges from an average of $8.04 to $12.82 an hour .

Can you choose your stylist at Great Clips?

We do keep Clip Notes®, which keeps track of any previous haircut you received at a Great Clips salon, so any stylist can give you a great haircut . If you would like to request a particular stylist , be sure to say that when you arrive at the salon and finish your check-in.

How much does a Great Clips owner make?

How much can Great Clips franchise owners make ? While the average annual income of $77,742 per store does not seem dramatic on the surface, Great Clips reports that “Many GREAT CLIPS ® franchisees operate more than one salon.

How long does a haircut at Great Clips take?

5-10 minutes

How much does it cost to own a Supercuts?

A single Supercuts franchise location requires $150,000 liquid cash and $500,000 net worth. The total investment ranges between $151,370 and $321,020 .

Why is great clips so cheap?

Great Clips’s business is based on the discount haircut – where someone can get a basic haircut for a very cheap price. Haircuts start at $14 and other prices are inexpensive . When you go to a place like Great Clips , you are getting a cheap price. Despite the low prices, Great Clips is not accommodating to your needs.

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Is owning a Great Clips profitable?

And others, like Raju, are employed and want to make money on the side. Raju plans to open his Great Clips in August and is still scouting for a location. He said the salon should generate an average of $40,000 to $50,000 net income after it gets up and running, according to the franchise disclosure documents.

What company owns Supercuts?

Regis Corporation

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