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What GPA do you need to get into Coe College?


Is Coe College a party school?

The extracurricular life, vibrant in its diversity, calls every student to participate, to live. At Coe , grades remain a primary concern, but students know that knowledge does not come from books alone. It’s a big party school . Also, because of the small class size people who like more personal contact do better.

What is Coe College known for?

Coe is one of just a few private liberal arts colleges in the nation located in a metropolitan area of 267,000 residents. The Cedar Rapids area provides an abundance of internship, cultural and recreational opportunities for students.

Does Coe College have a nursing program?

Coe’s nursing program is elite, selective and known for educating outstanding nurses . As a nursing student, you will complete three full terms of 1:1 clinical practice with a registered nurse and meet on-site with faculty to discuss your clinical experience in real time.

What is the tuition for Coe College?

45,580 USD (2019 – 20)

Is Coe College religious?

Coe College believes that it is important to foster a friendly religious and spiritual environment that accepts and respects the beliefs of all students, staff and faculty. The chaplain also supports our religious student organizations and holds programming and events throughout the year.

Is Iowa a party school?

For the first time in years, the University of Iowa is not ranked among the nation’s most prominent party schools . Last year, the UI ranked No. 6 on the Princeton Review’s top 20 party school list. This year, the university has dropped off of the chart completely.

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Is Iowa State University a party school?

Iowa State University is known as the party school . This does not make us a school with a high number of drop outs or failures, this makes us a school with a high number of party animal who know when and how to party in order to be ready for class the next day.

Is Coe College d3?

Coe College has 21 Men’s and Women’s athletic teams and is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III.

What is a kohawk?

A Kohawk is somebody who you can go and study with when you are freaking out about that Bio test.

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