Cedar rapids iowa area code

What is Iowa’s area code?

Area code 515 Area code 712 Area code 641 Area code 319 Area code 563

What is Des Moines area code?

Area code 515

Where is area code 319 in the States?

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What is the bad part of Cedar Rapids?

From listening to the news, I’d say the three most dangerous neighborhoods are Wellington Heights, Mound View and Cedar Hills.

What is area code in mobile number?

The area code is the identifier for a geographic region. The next grouping is the 3-digit prefix, which narrows the location of the phone number a little further. Finally, there is the line number . These are the last 4 digits of the phone number which directs a call to a specific phone line.

What area code is 641 belong to?


What is the area code for Davenport Iowa?

Area code 563

What area code is 515 in US?

state of Iowa

What is Iowa ZIP code?

Iowa ZIP Code List

Zip Codes for the State of Iowa
Zip Code City County
50013 Ames Story
50014 Ames Story
50020 Anita Cass

Is 319 a toll free number?

No . The ( 319 ) Area Code is not a toll – free number .

What area is area code 309?

Cities in this area code include Bloomington, Canton, East Moline, East Peoria , Galesburg, Kewanee, Macomb, Minonk, Moline, Morton, Normal, Pekin, Peoria , Rock Island, and Silvis, in addition to many smaller communities within the western part of central Illinois.

What is the safest city in Iowa?

Johnston is the safest city in the state, with a safety rating of 86.81. As for other cities in Iowa , there are several clustered around the state capital Des Moines that have high safety ratings such as Ames (80.75) and West Des Moines (79.31).

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Why does Cedar Rapids smell?

It was actually a problem with the Cedar Rapids Water Pollution Control Facility. The large system on Betram Road SE treats over 50 million gallons of wastewater each day. It also creates a byproduct called hydrogen sulfide. And yes, it stinks.

Is Cedar Rapids a safe place to live?

Current Resident: Cedar Rapids is an eclectic place . Regarded as a fairly safe city and surrounding areas , it is a good place for families to reside. There are also several surrounding area schools, so parents have many choices where to send their children to school. Cedar Rapids also has several things to do.

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